Getting Prepared


If the death of a loved one is anticipated soon, our care team at Anderson Cremation is here to help. We understand how challenging this time can be, and want you to know you have our support. We also want you to be as informed as possible for the days and weeks ahead.

  1. If your loved one is currently in a hospital, hospice, or nursing facility, let your contact know that you plan to have Anderson Cremation take care of the cremation for you.
  2. Next, identify the next of kin. You can use our Next of Kin Guide to determine who will be responsible for signing necessary paperwork and making final decisions.
  3. Gather biographical information needed for the death certificate and other regulatory paperwork. The state will need certain information about your loved one called “Vital Statistics” for the cremation to take place. You can view the Vital Statistics form and even complete it in advance if you’d like by going to our form here.
  4. Consider how many death certificates you’ll need. Most families find they need between three and five. If you will be dealing with a number of financial accounts in the deceased’s name, you may need more, but typically no more than 10. Keep in mind that many organizations will take a copy of a certified death certificate.
  5. Decide what options you’d like as part of your package. Here are a few things to consider:
    • Do you need the cremation expedited? Anderson Cremation can expedite the cremation to occur within 48 hours after the death certificate and cremation authorization are obtained.
    • Will you want to witness the cremation? Some families want to participate in the cremation process, either based on religious or ethnic traditions or simply personal preference. We can make this happen for you by appointment on your request.
    • How would you like your loved one returned to you? Pick up at our office is included in your cremation package, but we also offer mail or personal delivery.
  6. View our urns and jewelry to see if there is something you or your family would like as a keepsake. We encourage families to select a permanent container that is a comforting visible reminder of their loved one  as a way to remember them. We have a large selection of urns, everything from an ornate Royal Garden Urn to a modern Acoustic Black Guitar. Small keepsake urns can be used to share ashes between family members. Anderson Cremation offers many jewelry options for you as well, both to hold a small portion of ashes close to your heart or a transferred fingerprint taken from your loved one for a lasting memory.

When death occurs, call our care team right away at (765) 545-4545. You can also begin completing online planning and pay for the arrangements at that time. Or, we can assist you with the arrangements over the phone.

We will coordinate transportation of your loved one into our care. Our cremation package includes a simple container for the cremation process, so you do not need to worry about purchasing one additionally.


Our service area includes:

Abbeville, Greenville, Greenwood, Pickens, Oconee


We have created a downloadable guide of these steps for you to save, email, or print for your use. Click below to download that guide now.

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