Anderson Simple Cremations is an exclusive provider of the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee. We pledge to:

1. Safeguard your personal identity

As soon as you place your loved one in our care, we issue them a personal identification band.

2. Track every phase of the cremation process

Your loved one receives a stainless steel identification tag with their own unique identification number. We use this number to carefully track every phase of the cremation process. We also catalog and safeguard your loved one’s personal belongings before returning them to you.

3. Rely on family identification prior to cremation

After bathing and dressing your loved one, our staff will ask you as a family member or other representative to identify the body using a photograph stored in our digital database.

4. Verify all cremation documentation

Our certified cremation specialist, funeral director, and staff member review and verify all cremation paperwork for proper documentation. Once all this is verified, we’ll sign the cremation order to begin the cremation.

5. Utilize our cremation log book

Once your loved one enters the cremation chamber, we’ll log their personal identification along with the date and start/end times of the cremation in our cremation log book.

6. Carefully monitor the entire cremation process

To help our staff monitor the process, your loved one’s identification card is placed outside the cremation chamber.

7. Handle the cremated remains with care

Once the cremation process ends, we’ll place the identification tag in the container of your choice along with the cremated remains.

8. Return the cremated remains to you in a timely manner

We will schedule a time for you to receive the cremated remains. During business hours, stop by our facility or arrange for staff delivery. Alternatively, you can arrange to have the cremated remains mailed through USPS Priority Mail, which will require your signature.

9. Provide a referral for a memorial service officiator

Should you elect to commemorate your loved one with a memorial service, we can refer a minister or a Life Celebrant to oversee the service.